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A Client’s Interview with owner Tal Orion


Q: How long have you been doing what you do and how did you become an event  planner?

Three years ago, after working as a journalist and a public relation specialist for almost two decades, I realized that it was a time for a career change. Being so passionate for design I have decided to try and design my close friends’ wedding voluntarily.

Vividly, the soon to be married couple were stressed out and exhausted, and were not really enjoying the planning process. This went on up to the Wedding day itself. Later I had found that people are either at their best or at their worst at a wedding, depending on their stress levels and support around them.

I became passionate about my role as I discovered more and more ways to eliminate the “stress factor” around wedding and event planning. I learned how to allow the couple to focus on their love for one another more than all and to simply leave all the rest in my hands.


Q:What really sets you apart from all the other event planners?

I do not have another “day job” that you’ll have to worry about not having me to respond to your questions, concerns or desires in a timely manner. You can rest assured that I will always get back to you in as quickly as possible, and you are always a priority for us because I only work with a limited number of clients per year.

You will work hands on with me (Tal) throughout the planning process, no matter what package you select, I will help you with recommendations, hold your hand throughout the process, and help you reduce stress and save money as much as is possible. Approximately 2-3 months (ideally) before the event, we will meet at your venue for a detailed walk through that usually takes about two hours from start to finish. This meeting will always include me. During this meeting, I will ask you a lot of questions and review what you’ve planned in order to create a very detailed event timeline and documents that will serve you, me and all vendors involved on your event day.

I will match vendors to your event planning needs, preferences and personality. Hiring my company also means avoiding the exhausting search online for the right people to match your needs. It is my top priority to always take the time and thoughtfully match you with each and every vendor.

The events I plan and design alongside my clients are very unique. Each one mirrors my clients’ dreams and wishes and is tailored to their desires. It’s not about me – it’s about you!

I have a passion for what I do, which hopefully will become obvious to you in our conversations and in my work thereafter. I love helping others create their dreams!

My clients will tell you that working with me means that you’ll not only get straight-forward, impartial feedback from me, but you’ll also get someone who is here for you emotionally and more. We all need support, love and feedback, and I promise to be all that and more for my brides, grooms and their families.


Q:Are your services affordable?

If your Event Budget is $30,000 or more you should consider my services. According to various surveys it takes the average bride several hundred hours to plan her wedding – in some cases, up to 400 hours! My clients could tell you how much they have saved in time, money and energy when working together with me.


Q:Who do you work best with?

You will benefit best from working with my team if you want your dream wedding, but you have neither the time, nor the resources or the know-how to get it done.  If you know what you want, but have no clue how to get there, or if you are not that clear about how to plan the wedding of your dreams, that’s okay. You are still a perfect candidate!


Q:Will I lose control of my own wedding if you are planning it for me?

It will always stay YOUR wedding. The point of having an event planner is to have an “extension” of who you are and of your vision. That is what I do. YOU are the focus of your wedding and it is totally YOUR day. I am just here to help you fully explore and realize your dreams in ways that you never even imagined! In other words, YOU are the star and I am the backstage manager! It is YOUR day. Period.


Q:Will you work the vendors I’ve already found or people I really want to work with?

I work with your vendors and make sure that they are the right fit for you. I work with a long list of highly professional vendors and I can easily match them to your needs. However, you are not obliged to use my vendors and should feel free to choose others.


Q:Do you take more than one wedding per day?

I will never have more than one wedding per day so that your wedding is an absolute priority no matter what!


can you this is  Q:What is the next step?

The next step is to email me ( for more information or to call (818.448.6773) and setup a time for a free consultation meeting where a pre event questionnaire is filled.

I am happy to take you through my packages to see which one makes the most sense for you, to show you our portfolio, and to describe our process in more details.


Q:May we contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you? 

Absolutely! My brides, grooms and their families have become raving fans of my wedding planning services and love to speak to other potential brides about their experience with Tal Orion Event Management.


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